Baby Lambs

Last week we got a surprise from Tracy and Megan. They brought in some baby lambs to see the P12 class. We got to feed them with milk from a bottle then we got to pet them. One was tiny and one was greedy. The P345s also came and saw the lambs.




By Lois and Maisie (P5)

World War One

On the 20th of May, we had a workshop to tell us about William Coltman. He won the Victoria Cross in World War 1. He was the most decorated solider in WW1. We got to see a grenade and ammunition. We got to smell what trench foot would have smelt like –  it was really horrible! We enjoyed learning about William and WW1!



By Cian, Ryan and Freya (P6)

French with p345

On Tuesday, we went into the P345 classroom to do some French. We learnt how to say hello, goodbye, what is your name, my name is and how to say and you.

Hello – Bonjour

What is your name? – Comment tu t’appelle?

My name is… – Je m’appelle…

We really enjoyed working with the p345 class. W are looking forward to next time!

By Amy and Rebecca (P5)