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Douze oot!!

On Tuesday we played a game called Douze Oot which means you’re out in Shetland dialect and also 12 in french (douze). The way you play it is you stand in a circle, then you have to count in French from 1 to 12 and is you say Douze your out but you can say up to 3 numbers in a row to get some one out, the last one standing wins

It can get intense and funny!


On Tuesday 25th of November,  We learned how to say days of the week and months of the year in French.

Lundi – Monday

Mardi – Tuesday

Mercredi –  Wednessday

Jeudi –  Thursday

Vendredi – Friday

Samedi – Saturday

Dimanche – Sunday.

It was fun learning a different language.

By Cian (P6) and Gary  (P7)