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Aztecs sacrifices

This week we did and learned about Aztec sacrifices.

We got to watch a video about the sacrifices and why they killed them,what for and when. After we got sheets about temples,sacrifices,after and why they did it,after we had to right it down on a piece of paper and share to our group.

I learned that fat,ugly,stupid,old and people with scars wouldn’t get sacrificed but healthy, good looking, fit, young people would get sacrificed and that they would sacrifice a person every day because they thought if they didn’t the sun wouldn’t come back up and that the god would destroyed the world.

I  thought it was stupid and sad why they sacrificed young healthy people every day.

By Timon (P7)

Ojo de Dios

On Tuesday afternoon we all made Ojo de Dios ( gods eyes ) which were the aztecs version of dream catchers.

We had to weave them. First we stuck two lolly sticks together with blue tack in a cross shape. Then we had to get coloured wool and wrap it around the sticks in a complicated way. (I don’t know how to explain!!!!!)

We are doing aztecs this term for our topic so that is why we did them.

We are doing them at golden time in 10 minutes!!!!!