Da Voar Redd Up

On the 27th of April P7 did Da Voar Redd Up!

We walked to the end of the Tingwall road and back.

We found a chocolate box, lots of plastic and glass bottles, a car wheel, a dog poop bag with poop in it, cans, 3 hedgehogs, sweetie wrappers and lots more.

Over all we collected 3 bags of bruck.


By Kaitlin and Kara


Blytheswood Shoebox Appeal

Over the last term our whole class have been organising the Blytheswood Shoebox Appeal to help people who don’t get presents on Christmas Day.

First we sent a letter home to tell pupils and parents that they could donate empty shoeboxes, items to go inside the boxes, donations of £2.50 or complete shoeboxes.

In the end we got 37 boxes altogether and raised £42.50.  We went to the Whiteness Shop to drop off all the boxes so they can send them away to the children. 

Tingwall pupils and parents were very generous and we hope the children really enjoy opening our shoebox presents.  We will be thinking of them when we open our presents on Christmas Day.

By Kara and Freya  




The Scottish Opera – Warriors

On Wednesday the 10th of June P567 went to Whiteness Primary for the Scottish Opera ‘Warriors’ performance. We did the performance with Whiteness and Aith. We were the Builders, Aith were the Peasants and Whiteness were the Soldiers. There were three adult parts in the Opera, they all were in charge of a certain group. Dan Of Yan was played by Steven, he was leader of the Peasants. Michelle was Zhang Han, leader of us (the builders) and Jamie was the Emperor Qin, in charge of the Soldiers.

It turned out really good and we would do it again if we got the chance.

By Bobby and Tom (P7)







Douze oot!!

On Tuesday we played a game called Douze Oot which means you’re out in Shetland dialect and also 12 in french (douze). The way you play it is you stand in a circle, then you have to count in French from 1 to 12 and is you say Douze your out but you can say up to 3 numbers in a row to get some one out, the last one standing wins

It can get intense and funny!

County Primary Competition

On Tuesday Abby, Ella and Gary went to Clickamin’s Athletics track to compete in the Primary County competition. The events to compete in were: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Sack Race, Shuttle Relay, Long Jump, High Jump and Cricket ball throw. Our school cluster was joined with Whiteness, Nesting and Scalloway. Ella and Gary competed in the 800m race. Gary found it easy and Ella found it quite hard. Gary came in 5th place and Ella came in 9th place. They next event was 100m sprint heats. We all competed in it Gary came 2nd in his heat Abby came 2nd and Ella came 3rd. Abby got into the final but she came 4th. The Sack Race was next Ella got 1st place and Gary got 6th place. Next was the Cricket ball throw Abby got 1st place and Gary got 5th place. After that was the 200m race but nobody competed in that. Next was the High Jump/Long Jump Gary came 6th in the High Jump and 2nd in the Long Jump. Ella came 5th in the High Jump and 3rd in the Long Jump. Abby came 5th in the High Jump. Next was 400m race. Gary came 2nd, Abby came 4th and Ella came 6th. The last event was the Shuttle Relay Gary and Abby were in the Central Mainland team. Our team came 2nd. Over all Tingwall came back with 7 medals all together! Over all in the Central Mainland team we came back with 10 medals!

It was really fun and over all we did quite well!





By Ella, Gary and Abby (P7)

And the winner is….

Today we held our Election for the Shetland Parliament. Every party has worked very hard with their campaign: creating  brilliant logos, lovely rosettes, informative manifestos and presenting excellent speeches!

We set up a small Polling Station in our class for the voting to take place. Our Event Coordinators collected Poll Cards, marked people off the Electoral Register and handed out Ballot Papers.

We were all reminded to put a cross beside who we wanted to vote for!

The results of our election were as follows:

BSP – 20 votes

SDP – 18 votes

SIP – 21 votes

SPP – 18 votes

It was a very close election! Well done to all parties as they all worked very hard!

Election Day!

On Friday the 29th of May, Primary 567 held a general election for the whole school. There were 4 political party’s. B.S.P (Better Shetland Party), SPP (Shetland People Party), S.I.P (Shetland Intelligence Party) and S.D.P (Shetland Democratic Party).

We are going to find out who won this afternoon. Our classroom was set up as a polling station and we had to try and get people to vote for us. The votes are going to be counted when were in art. We have been preparing for it for weeks. The Teachers got to vote as well.








By Kaitlin (P6) and Chrissie (P7) 🙂


Every Wednesday, Joy comes in to do drumming with us. At the moment we are learning a dance routine to go with the drumming. We will be performing it at our end of term concert. The routine is quite easy to learn and the drumming is the easiest part to learn. Its really fun to learn as well!

By Ella (P7) and Kara (P6)


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