And the winner is….

Today we held our Election for the Shetland Parliament. Every party has worked very hard with their campaign: creating  brilliant logos, lovely rosettes, informative manifestos and presenting excellent speeches!

We set up a small Polling Station in our class for the voting to take place. Our Event Coordinators collected Poll Cards, marked people off the Electoral Register and handed out Ballot Papers.

We were all reminded to put a cross beside who we wanted to vote for!

The results of our election were as follows:

BSP – 20 votes

SDP – 18 votes

SIP – 21 votes

SPP – 18 votes

It was a very close election! Well done to all parties as they all worked very hard!

2 thoughts on “And the winner is….”

  1. That sounds you had a good time and well done SIP for your votes and well done to the others it was a very close vote.
    Did you have fun?
    Kerry Burravoe Primary School

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