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Spelling Battleships

On Wednesday the 19th of November,  we did spelling battleships.  We got a map to draw our battleships on.  If you spell a word right you get to take a shot at your opponent but if you spell a word wrong they get to take a shot at you.We drew one small boat and two medium boats and one large boat.  This week our spelling words started with sub.  It was really good fun and it got us thinking well.

By Gary and Liam (P7)

P.E Circuit training

This week p5,6,7 did Circuit training in P.E we had 8 stations sit ups, skipping, running on the spot, hula hoop, squats, burpees, star jumps and press ups. We went around all the stations one time but before we went around the stations we played some mini games.

I think it was very tyring  I found skipping the hardest I think I improved on my sit ups and am exited for next week.

By Bobby (P7)