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Drama with Izzy

On Thursday the 29th of January, Izzy Swanson came in to do some WW2 drama with us.

First we had to be children in a playground in 1939, we had to do something that they would have played in that time such as marbles, hopscotch, skipping and football.

Then we had to be evacuating children getting aboard a train. You were often in a carriage with nobody you knew, if you had a friend you would be very lucky!

When Izzy left we had to think about a name and a family for our character. I am sure the whole class enjoyed it and look forward to next time.

By James and Tom (P7)

The Stars came out for Christmas!

On the 11th of December, we performed our Christmas show: “The Stars come out for Christmas”

Some of the songs were:

  • Boogie Woogie Santa
  • Why Won’t It Snow
  • Christmas Dinner is a Winner
  • Send Me on My Way (Christmas Cards)
  • Silent Night
  • The Stars Come Out for Christmas
  • Christmas Trees
  • Away in a Manger
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas

There were a lot of people in the audience, it was queued out the door!

It went very smoothly! It lasted 50 minutes. Nobody forgot what to do and we all sung very well!

The message of the show was that all the different parts of Christmas (like Trees, Santa, Cards, Snow, Dinner) are all important but we must not forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Parents were generous enough to help us tidy up the hall afterwards. Thanks for the help!

The audience absolutely loved Tom’s part and his “rubbish” ┬ájokes.

We all had different costumes, such as Timon’s tuxedo, Christmas pudding hats, Kyle’s Santa outfit, Liam’s Snowman suit and Tom’s leather jacket.