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Our Movie Trailer Premiere

We have played our film trailers to the rest of the class.

Every group made a completely different and exciting film trailer!


Click on the links below to watch our trailers…


7 Miles


A Girl’s Worst Nightmare:



High School Mayhem:


Plan B&B:

Making Movie Trailers

For the last week of term, we have made movie trailers. We will be screening them before a DVD like you would do in the cinema on Friday. We also be getting popcorn to eat.

We first had to come up with an idea for our film. We then had to choose our genre (movie type). Then we had to think of our roles. Next we made props and found costumes. We had to plan it out on paper – on a layout called a  Storyboard.

100_9968 100_9970 100_9971100_9969

We made posters to advertise our film. We filmed our trailers using iMovie.


Here is what some of our class had to say:

“It was fun and easier than adverts for the boardgames” – says Chrissie

“It was fun to pretend to be an actor” – says Gary

“I liked how we got to work together as a team” – says Amy

“I enjoyed it” – says Ella


Here are some pictures taken for our trailers. We will be posting our film trailers on our blog on Friday!



By P567

The Apprentice Board Game Challenge

P567 decided to do something a little different at the end of term. We decided that we would have a day spent like an “Apprentice” Challenge.

We were split into Cooperative Learning groups to form our teams. We had to decide who was our Project Manager and then split our teams into sub teams: the Advertising Team and the Design Team.

We had to do market research to find out what board games people would like to buy or what are their favourite types of board games. We asked members of staff, the P12 pupils and the P345 pupils.

We then had to decide our board game name and what it would be about.

The Design Teams then started to create our board games by using cardboard, printing question cards, making dice and using paint to make it colourful and bright.

The Advertising Team had to create a poster and then write an TV commercial to advertise their product. They then used props, the spare classroom, iMovie on an iPad and some of their group members, to create the advert. We all think iMovie is a great app for filming as our adverts look amazing! We definitely want to use iMovie again!

Click the links below to see our adverts:

Help Santa

Save the Presents

Reindeer Hunt

Christmas Eve Mayhem

Logo Business Quiz

Christmas Cracker

We then presented our adverts and board games to the P345 class. They also got a chance to play some of our games. They all had really nice things to say about our board games!