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The Scottish Opera – Warriors

On Wednesday the 10th of June P567 went to Whiteness Primary for the Scottish Opera ‘Warriors’ performance. We did the performance with Whiteness and Aith. We were the Builders, Aith were the Peasants and Whiteness were the Soldiers. There were three adult parts in the Opera, they all were in charge of a certain group. Dan Of Yan was played by Steven, he was leader of the Peasants. Michelle was Zhang Han, leader of us (the builders) and Jamie was the Emperor Qin, in charge of the Soldiers.

It turned out really good and we would do it again if we got the chance.

By Bobby and Tom (P7)







County Primary Competition

On Tuesday Abby, Ella and Gary went to Clickamin’s Athletics track to compete in the Primary County competition. The events to compete in were: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Sack Race, Shuttle Relay, Long Jump, High Jump and Cricket ball throw. Our school cluster was joined with Whiteness, Nesting and Scalloway. Ella and Gary competed in the 800m race. Gary found it easy and Ella found it quite hard. Gary came in 5th place and Ella came in 9th place. They next event was 100m sprint heats. We all competed in it Gary came 2nd in his heat Abby came 2nd and Ella came 3rd. Abby got into the final but she came 4th. The Sack Race was next Ella got 1st place and Gary got 6th place. Next was the Cricket ball throw Abby got 1st place and Gary got 5th place. After that was the 200m race but nobody competed in that. Next was the High Jump/Long Jump Gary came 6th in the High Jump and 2nd in the Long Jump. Ella came 5th in the High Jump and 3rd in the Long Jump. Abby came 5th in the High Jump. Next was 400m race. Gary came 2nd, Abby came 4th and Ella came 6th. The last event was the Shuttle Relay Gary and Abby were in the Central Mainland team. Our team came 2nd. Over all Tingwall came back with 7 medals all together! Over all in the Central Mainland team we came back with 10 medals!

It was really fun and over all we did quite well!





By Ella, Gary and Abby (P7)

Drama with Izzy

On Thursday the 29th of January, Izzy Swanson came in to do some WW2 drama with us.

First we had to be children in a playground in 1939, we had to do something that they would have played in that time such as marbles, hopscotch, skipping and football.

Then we had to be evacuating children getting aboard a train. You were often in a carriage with nobody you knew, if you had a friend you would be very lucky!

When Izzy left we had to think about a name and a family for our character. I am sure the whole class enjoyed it and look forward to next time.

By James and Tom (P7)

WW2 Shelters

This week we have been learning loads about World War Two but this is about the WW2 shelters.

We got to make our own Shelters with lots of useful things like cardboard and paint and sellotape.

We also did a lesson in the afternoon about the WW2 shelters what we did is we put the chairs in a circle and our teacher Miss Calvert told us a lot of facts about the shelters in WW2. But every 5 to 10 minutes there would be a WW2 bombing siren that went off and we would have to go under the tables we used them as shelters. There was the Morrison shelter, the Anderson shelter and the underground shelter.

I thought it was really fun!

By Bobby (P7)

The Apprentice Board Game Challenge

P567 decided to do something a little different at the end of term. We decided that we would have a day spent like an “Apprentice” Challenge.

We were split into Cooperative Learning groups to form our teams. We had to decide who was our Project Manager and then split our teams into sub teams: the Advertising Team and the Design Team.

We had to do market research to find out what board games people would like to buy or what are their favourite types of board games. We asked members of staff, the P12 pupils and the P345 pupils.

We then had to decide our board game name and what it would be about.

The Design Teams then started to create our board games by using cardboard, printing question cards, making dice and using paint to make it colourful and bright.

The Advertising Team had to create a poster and then write an TV commercial to advertise their product. They then used props, the spare classroom, iMovie on an iPad and some of their group members, to create the advert. We all think iMovie is a great app for filming as our adverts look amazing! We definitely want to use iMovie again!

Click the links below to see our adverts:

Help Santa

Save the Presents

Reindeer Hunt

Christmas Eve Mayhem

Logo Business Quiz

Christmas Cracker

We then presented our adverts and board games to the P345 class. They also got a chance to play some of our games. They all had really nice things to say about our board games!

The Stars came out for Christmas!

On the 11th of December, we performed our Christmas show: “The Stars come out for Christmas”

Some of the songs were:

  • Boogie Woogie Santa
  • Why Won’t It Snow
  • Christmas Dinner is a Winner
  • Send Me on My Way (Christmas Cards)
  • Silent Night
  • The Stars Come Out for Christmas
  • Christmas Trees
  • Away in a Manger
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas

There were a lot of people in the audience, it was queued out the door!

It went very smoothly! It lasted 50 minutes. Nobody forgot what to do and we all sung very well!

The message of the show was that all the different parts of Christmas (like Trees, Santa, Cards, Snow, Dinner) are all important but we must not forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Parents were generous enough to help us tidy up the hall afterwards. Thanks for the help!

The audience absolutely loved Tom’s part and his “rubbish”  jokes.

We all had different costumes, such as Timon’s tuxedo, Christmas pudding hats, Kyle’s Santa outfit, Liam’s Snowman suit and Tom’s leather jacket.

Drama with Izzy

We are practising our school play which is called “The Stars Come Out For Christmas” with Izzy. It is really fun being in a play because you get to play a part and speak and sing songs. My favourite song in the play is “Silent Night”. The part I play in the play is fan 1&7 . It is awesome to practise with Izzy because she is funny and really good at setting expression in her voice and always keeps you right!!!!! 🙂

By Erin (P7)

Drama with Izzy

On Wednesday, we had drama with Izzy we were practising for the christmas show called “The Stars Come Out For Christmas”. I am a presenter called “Carol Singer”. I am on the stage for the whole show, its nerve racking but so much fun because I get to be me and nobody is stopping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also me and the other P7 girls are doing the second verse in silent night not meaning to brag but we sound really good. 😉

By Louise (P7)

The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas

On Wednesday the 5th of November Izzy Swanson came into our class to go through the script of the Christmas Show we are performing in about 5 weeks. I really enjoyed reading through the script for the show. I am Ollie Berry, a presenter of the Outstanding Contribution To Christmas Award show that is in the play. He always says jokes that everyone has already heard, therefore he sulks for half the show!

By Tom (P7)