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Reebops Return!

Last week the P7’s made reebops. This week we were doing data handling seeing how many reebops had certain things. We also had an award ceremony! We found out that nobody’s reebop had a white body, only on had no antennas and only two had pink faces. At the awards ceremony their were four prizes.

1. The Reebop that looked most like Miss Calvert’s

2. The most look a like siblings

3. The cutest Reepob

4. The craziest looking Reebop.

Philo and Joey (David and Kirsty’s reebops) Won the most look a like siblings!



Lily (Chrissies Reebop) Won the one who most looked like Miss Calvert’s Reebop.


Lily and Zoey (Chrissie and Abby’s Reebop) Won the cutest Reebop award!


Georgina (Gary’s Reebop) Won the craziest looking award!


By Abby (P7)


On Wednesday the P7’s created Reebops.

The way we created them was we were learning about genes and genetics.In pairs we had to chose who was “a” and “b”. Then the a’s got pink pieces of paper with letters on it. The b’s got blue pieces of paper with the same amount of letters on it. So then we had to turn the paper over in the order so we couldn’t see the letters. After we had to randomly pick between the small letters and the capital letters.

The pieces of paper acted as our chromosomes to decide what inherited characteristics our baby Reebops would have!

After that we had to look at what we picked and make our Reebops and they are SOOOOOOOO cute!

By Ella and Kirsty (P7)