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World War Two Medals

Ella and Maisie brought in their Great Grandfather’s medals that he got during World War Two


It was great to get to see real medals that we could hold and touch – Primary Sources. 2 of the medals they brought in were called:

  • The 1939-1945 Star
  • The Atlantic Star

We decided to learn more about WW2 medals and found out why certain colours were used in different ribbons, and what people would have got these medals for.

We learned that the 1939-1945 Star had a dark blue stripe to represent the Navy, a red stripe to represent the Army and a light blue stripe to represent the Air Forces.

We learned that the Atlantic Star had stripes of blue, white and green to represent the Atlantic Ocean.

We designed our own medals for different awards and chose our ribbon colours very carefully:


David created a medal for “Espionage”



Erin created a medal for the Miners. The browns and blacks represent the ground and the coal.



Maisie created a medal called “The Shetland Star” for any Shetlander who fought in the war. The blue represents the sea and the green represents the grass.

What was it like for an evacuee?

For the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at what it would have been like for a child living during World War Two.

We each created our own WW2 name and character. We had to make ID Cards – which everyone in Britain had to carry with them and Gas Masks which people also had to carry.

We have been practising what it was like by carrying our Gas Masks everywhere (including during lunch and the toilet!!) because we never know when a surprise gas attack might happen!

With Izzy, we have had a few drama sessions about Evacuation. We have been exploring how these children would have felt when they left their families behind and how they felt during the “Billeting” process where children were chosen to live at certain homes based on the way they looked.

This helped us to really understand the Evacuation process and how children really would have felt.

As our characters, we then wrote letters home to tell our families how we are and how we felt being evacuated.

The whole class in their gas masks!
The whole class in their gas masks!
Some gas masks up close!
Some gas masks up close!


On Wednesday the P7’s created Reebops.

The way we created them was we were learning about genes and genetics.In pairs we had to chose who was “a” and “b”. Then the a’s got pink pieces of paper with letters on it. The b’s got blue pieces of paper with the same amount of letters on it. So then we had to turn the paper over in the order so we couldn’t see the letters. After we had to randomly pick between the small letters and the capital letters.

The pieces of paper acted as our chromosomes to decide what inherited characteristics our baby Reebops would have!

After that we had to look at what we picked and make our Reebops and they are SOOOOOOOO cute!

By Ella and Kirsty (P7)

Our WW2 Topic

This term our topic is World War II.

This week we have been learning about how the war started and the countries involved and what side they were on.

The war started because The Nazi’s invaded Poland, Britain and France immediately declared war on Germany. The two sides were called the Allies and The Axis. The main countries in the Allies were Britain, France, Soviet Union (Russia) and USA. The Axis were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Some of us made WWII airplanes, we also started our Personal Projects about WWII.

By Tom and Bobby (P7)

Instruction Writing

This week we were learning how to write instructions. Last week we learned what happened at an Aztec Sacrifice, then we wrote what to do. When we were done we wrote a recipe. I wrote how to make Spaghetti Bolognese.

We learned what to use when we are writing instructions. Bossy verbs were one of the things we learned. Bossy verbs (imperative) are telling people to do something like “go do this” or “go there now”. Another thing we learned was you need to write down what you will need to succeed. I really enjoyed writing instructions.

By Abby (P7)

Spelling Battleships

On Wednesday the 19th of November,  we did spelling battleships.  We got a map to draw our battleships on.  If you spell a word right you get to take a shot at your opponent but if you spell a word wrong they get to take a shot at you.We drew one small boat and two medium boats and one large boat.  This week our spelling words started with sub.  It was really good fun and it got us thinking well.

By Gary and Liam (P7)

Aztecs sacrifices

This week we did and learned about Aztec sacrifices.

We got to watch a video about the sacrifices and why they killed them,what for and when. After we got sheets about temples,sacrifices,after and why they did it,after we had to right it down on a piece of paper and share to our group.

I learned that fat,ugly,stupid,old and people with scars wouldn’t get sacrificed but healthy, good looking, fit, young people would get sacrificed and that they would sacrifice a person every day because they thought if they didn’t the sun wouldn’t come back up and that the god would destroyed the world.

I  thought it was stupid and sad why they sacrificed young healthy people every day.

By Timon (P7)