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This week on Tuesday we went to Scalloway pool to do swimming lessons with Mr McNiven our P.E teacher.

We were doing lengths  with the floats and a pool boy and normal lengths. The most we did was 8 in one go, 2 with the float, 2 with the pool boy and 2 front crawl and 2 any stroke.

It was really fun and we all enjoy it.

By Bobby and Gary (P7)


On Monday in P.E we were using the Trampet. The Trampet is basically a small trampoline that you run up to , bounce, and if you want do a 360 or different shapes in the air.The P7’s were allowed to do a 360 or a 180 if they wanted to.The P5s and 6s had to do either a star shape, a tuck, or a straight shape. Ireally enjoyed it and I am excited to continue doing it in P.E.

P.E. Circuit Training

On Thursday we went to the gym hall for P.E. . Circuit training is when there is eight to six cones in every corner and in the middle of the hall. This week there was skipping, press ups, burpees, hula hooping, running and squats. You go in a clockwise direction around the hall.

By Kaitlin and Vaila (P6)

P.E Circuit training

This week p5,6,7 did Circuit training in P.E we had 8 stations sit ups, skipping, running on the spot, hula hoop, squats, burpees, star jumps and press ups. We went around all the stations one time but before we went around the stations we played some mini games.

I think it was very tyring  I found skipping the hardest I think I improved on my sit ups and am exited for next week.

By Bobby (P7)