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It’s beginning to look like Christmas!

We have been very busy with our Christmas Show rehearsals so haven’t had any time to make Christmas decorations but we have managed to start making our classroom look Christmassy!

We all helped put up our tree and decorate it! Doesn’t it look lovely?

We have our class advent calendar which we take turns in opening every day as well as hearing the Christmas jokes on Newsround.

Our P7s have also created a rota to hand out Christmas cards that any pupils post in the postbox. They enjoy delivering the cards like Postmen!

Painting Props

On Friday the 21st of November we painted our props that we need for our Christmas show ‘The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas’. Me and Chrissie painted microphones that we need in the play, other people painted stuff such as a guitar, a mince pie, brussel sprouts, gravy and christmas pudding as well as giant knives and forks! I enjoyed painting our props because it wasn’t hard and it was calming.

By Tom (P7)


This week we did Drama because we are practising our Christmas play. We learned our positions (in Drama they call it blocking) and we are going to make puppets for our show.

We did drama again on children in need day , we made frozen scenes (made a real life picture) and then someone  came back in the room and guessed what or where our scene was. Some scenes we created were running away from a volcano, a funfair, the Lion King and the Titanic sinking.

By Amy (P5)

Drama with Izzy

We are practising our school play which is called “The Stars Come Out For Christmas” with Izzy. It is really fun being in a play because you get to play a part and speak and sing songs. My favourite song in the play is “Silent Night”. The part I play in the play is fan 1&7 . It is awesome to practise with Izzy because she is funny and really good at setting expression in her voice and always keeps you right!!!!! 🙂

By Erin (P7)

Drama with Izzy

On Wednesday, we had drama with Izzy we were practising for the christmas show called “The Stars Come Out For Christmas”. I am a presenter called “Carol Singer”. I am on the stage for the whole show, its nerve racking but so much fun because I get to be me and nobody is stopping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also me and the other P7 girls are doing the second verse in silent night not meaning to brag but we sound really good. 😉

By Louise (P7)

The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas

On Wednesday the 5th of November Izzy Swanson came into our class to go through the script of the Christmas Show we are performing in about 5 weeks. I really enjoyed reading through the script for the show. I am Ollie Berry, a presenter of the Outstanding Contribution To Christmas Award show that is in the play. He always says jokes that everyone has already heard, therefore he sulks for half the show!

By Tom (P7)