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Election Day!

On Friday the 29th of May, Primary 567 held a general election for the whole school. There were 4 political party’s. B.S.P (Better Shetland Party), SPP (Shetland People Party), S.I.P (Shetland Intelligence Party) and S.D.P (Shetland Democratic Party).

We are going to find out who won this afternoon. Our classroom was set up as a polling station and we had to try and get people to vote for us. The votes are going to be counted when were in art. We have been preparing for it for weeks. The Teachers got to vote as well.








By Kaitlin (P6) and Chrissie (P7) 🙂

Trip to the Town Hall

On the 1st of May we went to the Town Hall. We sat in the debating chamber which had lots of chairs and microphones.

We asked Malcolm Bell and Billy lots of questions. Such as:

  • “Why the skips were taken away?”
  • “When the new Anderson High School is going to be built?”
  • “How long has the Town Hall has been around for?”
  • “What was the hardest decision they have ever debated?”
  • “Have you ever wished a debate had gone a different way?”

We learned interesting facts like when the Town Hall was built 1881 and at the time it cost £4000 to build.

Billy supplied us with yummy biscuits, juice and water!





Some people even got to try on the Convener’s bling (Chain of Office)!




Democracy Topic

As part of our Democracy Topic, we are running our own mock election. We have 4 different political parties running to try to win the election for the new Shetland Parliament.

These parties are:

  • Shetland Democratic Party
  • Shetland Intelligence Party
  • Shetland People Party
  • Better Shetland Party

We will be campaigning around school over the next few weeks. Our election will be held on Thursday 29th May.

Keep checking our blog for campaign speeches, information, videos and press releases!