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JRSO – Speeding

The JRSOs went out with the police today to  the main road and got to have a go at using the speed gun. The speed gun is very heavy! We managed to catch some speeders. The fastest person we caught was going  72 mph!!

If they are speeding they get £100.00 fine and 3 points on there license.

If you are on the road you have to were a reflective vests or jackets.

It was really fun and we gave it 10/10. We have all enjoyed it!

As JRSOs, we have created lots of competitions and given out lots of prizes!

By Kaitlin, Kara and Vaila (P6)

JRSO – Road Safety Week

JRSO stand for Junior Road Safety Officers.

On Monday we went to Little Tikes. We made an obstacle for them and read them some Ziggy stories. We were teaching them about Road Safety.

We were teaching them about bright colours that you should wear in the dark and dull colours that you can wear in the daytime but not at night.

Today we handed out competition entries and reflectors for everyone in the school to wear!

By Kara, Kaitlin and Vaila (P6)