P5/4 exploring the Fibonacci Sequence

Today we explored the Fibonacci Sequence as part of our number pattern topic in maths. We were given 3 envelopes with a puzzle in each one. Without any help from the teacher we had to look at what was in each envelope and work out what we had to do each time. The tasks had to be completed in a particular order.

There was lots of discussion as we tried different ideas.

Lauren – I saw the 2 ones and then the two. I could see how they linked and then I saw that the 1 and the 2 was followed by a 3 (the total of 1 and 2). I then applied this to the next number in the sequence and it worked.

Reuben – We ignored the numbers to begin with and could see that the pieces went together to make a picture like a jigsaw. Then we looked at the number patter.

Our next task was to  arrange the squares into a rectangle making a new rectangle each time we added a square.


Our next task was to find the significance of the spiral. This was very tricky and we tried lots of different things.

Holly – we started with the smallest squares and put them in the middle. Then we put the next biggest to make the rectangle bigger. We kept doing this until we got to the biggest square.

Elise – I lay the squares in onto the spiral in the same pattern as we did with the rectangle.

Adam – it was better working with each other than alone because then we could have more ideas and more brains together.

Reuben – It was really challenging!

At the end we shared our strategies and how we overcame difficulties.

The class agreed that this was a fun way to learn.