1. Kodaly (P5)

Kodaly P5 (20 sessions per year).

All P5 primary pupils had the opportunity to take part in a Kodaly Choral Programme delivered to full classes.

This project assisted in the delivery of the music curriculum in a fun and exciting way and contributed fully to the 4 capacities outlined in Curriculum for Excellence, providing a varied range of opportunities over a course of 20 sessions per year.

The principal aim in each school was to involve the children and young people in practical music-making in a fun and stimulating environment.

The course of study involved pupils experiencing, learning and employing basic musical concepts (pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo and dynamics) through the use of fun activities and games, based primarily around the voice and movement to pulse, while responding to a range of musical and practical stimuli.

Pupils were involved in practical music-making sessions, which not only developed their musical skills but also developed aspects of emotional intelligence and social skills.

Kodaly allows children to experience music in a fun setting. Pupils love attending Kodaly and benefit both socially and emotionally as well as musically: C Cannon- Class Teacher.

This is an interesting way of learning about pitch, rhythm and musical notation. Very interactive and lots of fun. Cathy Macleod-Class Teacher-Woodlands PS.