NL Music Groups

North Lanarkshire Schools’ Music Groups  

From May to September applications are invited from pupils within North Lanarkshire Schools for entry into the North Lanarkshire Music Groups.

Entry to the music groups is by recommendation from either the teacher in charge of music at the pupil’s school or by a member of the instrumental music staff.

Please note:

Entry to the Rock Ensemble or the Jazz Orchestra, is by an audition process.

The grades given below are not prescriptive and are intended to be used as a guide only.

  1. The NL Preparatory Band (pupils applying for this group should ideally be Associated Board Grade 1)
  2. The NL Wind Band (pupils applying for this group should ideally be Associated Board Grade 3 – Grade 4)
  3. The NL Wind Ensemble (pupils applying for this group should ideally be Associated Board Grade 4 and above).
  4. The NL Junior Strings (For string pupils in primary and secondary who are at the beginner stage of a learning to play a string instrument).
  5. The NL Symphony Orchestra (pupils applying for this group should ideally be Associated Board Grade 2 and above).
  6. The NL Chorus (For mixed voices (SATB) from S1-S6 performing Bach to the Beatles).
  7. The NL Scottish Traditional Music Group (For pupils who, presently play, or who would like to learn to play, clarsach, accordion, fiddle and whistle).  
  8. The NL Pipe Band (For all pupils who presently play bagpipes and pipe band drums). 
  9. The NL Jazz Orchestra (Audition Only(pupils applying for this group should ideally be Associated Board Grade 5/6 and above).
  10. The NL Rock Ensemble (Audition Only(pupils will be required to display a high standard of performance on their instrument). 

 It is essential that all parents/carers of pupils who apply to take part in the North Lanarkshire Music Groups are aware that a membership fee exists for this activity. 

A subscription of £50, payable in two instalments, will be required for pupils who choose to take part in the North Lanarkshire Schools’ Music Groups activities for sessions.

This will take the form of a membership of the Music Groups and the fees collected will used to offset a proportion of the costs associated with the various music activities on offer. When pupils become a member of the Music Groups their membership fee allows them to access all bands choirs etc at no additional charge

The following exemptions from payment will apply for pupils attending the North Lanarkshire Schools’ Music Groups:

  • Pupils in receipt of free school meals
  • Pupils in receipt of clothing or footwear grants.
  • Pupils who attend ASN schools or specialist units within mainstream establishments.

In recognition of the likely cost to families with more than one child being involved in the Music Groups a 50% reduction will apply for subsequent siblings

Parents/Carers do not require to pay any money in advance as they will be invoiced for this subscription.  If payment for membership has not been received within the allotted time, then North Lanarkshire Council reserves the right to withdraw the service.

Unless stated otherwise, the Authority will provide transport, to and from rehearsals, with coaches picking up pupils from their schools at the end of the day and returning them to their individual schools after the rehearsals.

Application forms should be submitted and returned to me by the 16th September at the above address.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this matter and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr Jim Park, Principal Music Instructor Floor 1, Civic Centre, Windmillhill Street, Motherwell, ML1 1AB on 01236 812220 or via email