The benefits of playing a musical instrument

  1. Playing a musical instrument can boost a child’s educational progress.

Along with the musical benefits and opportunity for creative learning, research-based evidence identifies the broader benefits of learning to sing or learn a musical instrument, such as improved language, literacy and numeracy skills, social and personal development, physical development, health and wellbeing.

Playing a Musical Instrument:

  • increases the capacity of your memory.
  • refines your time management and organizational skills.
  • boosts your team skills.
  • teaches you perseverance.
  • enhances your coordination.
  • improves your reading and comprehension skills.
  • increases your responsibility.
  • sharpens your concentration.
  • fosters your self-expression and can relieve stress.
  • creates a sense of achievement.
  • promotes your social skills.
  • boosts your listening skills.
  • teaches you discipline.
  • elevates your performance skills.
  • promotes well-being in your life.


Not only is it fun to play a musical instrument, but it’s wonderful to hear an audience appreciate  a young persons performance. It is also very gratifying to witness the happiness on the young people’s faces, simply because they enjoy playing. Playing a musical instrument has many life- long benefits that hopefully will motivate pupils to have a lasting love of music and assist them in achieving their full potential.