The Youth Music Initiative Projects

Within North Lanarkshire Council we delivered the Scottish Government YMI target through the provision of “Kodaly” choral lessons for all Primary 5 pupils within the Authority.

In addition to this we provided an additional 12 bespoke projects across all educational sectors that have allowed our young people to foster their love of music and develop their musical skills and experiences.

An important thread that bound all our YMI activities was the ideology of “opportunities for all”. 

Our Additional Support Needs provision within the Authority has benefited greatly from YMI, whilst in addition to the musical focus there was an underlying thread of inclusion. Pupils within our ASN schools were targeted using a variety of teaching styles and approaches.  Through the delivery of YMI projects our young people were afforded the opportunity to experience exciting musical activities.  Involvement in these projects allowed us to engage with the young people through the use of technology and some projects also provided the opportunity for pupils to explore the rock/pop genre. 2 projects also had the specific focus of targeting schools with a significant number of young people who live in SIMD 1, 2 and 3

Our affiliation with outside providers such Beats of Brazil, Charan Pradhan and Reeltime Music, ensured that we were able to provide our young people with unique, quality, musical experiences that hopefully have enriched their lives and had an impact on their life-long learning.

Our YMI provision provided significant staff development and CLPL.  Our Choral project has been so successful that a significant number of non-specialist teachers in primary schools have received specialist training on delivery of “Kodaly”.  We are also continuing to develop teacher resource packs and these provide non-specialist staff with the skills, confidence and materials to deliver a quality music curriculum to all stages in our primary schools.