7. Primary Song Writing Project


7. Primary Song Writing Project.

This project provided the young people from 8 primary schools with the opportunity to compose, record and perform a song on the theme of “All Our Tomorrows”- a peek into the future through the eyes of our pupils.

With professional creative assistance provided though a creative writer, musicians, and an artist, pupils were involved in researching what “Our tomorrows” may look like, writing a song about their research, producing the artwork used to illustrate their song and given the opportunity to record and perform their song. The artwork produced was included in a booklet that accompanied the CD produced by the children in co-operation with Reel Time Studios. This album was also available on streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes.   The project culminated in a “Celebration of Youth Music” concert held in Motherwell Concert Hall.

We loved all of the stages. The children really enjoyed working with different professionals for different parts.  All professionals had a lovely way with the children and made it really fun and interesting.  The children had never written a song before so they were enthusiastic towards each part of the project.  It was fantastic that EVERYONE was involved (even in the Art task for the CD cover). 

The Children were given an amazing experience.  I witnessed a lot of children grow in confidence (through recording and performing at the civic).  Many children who previously did not enjoy singing grew to like it and had lots of practice with their voices (again growing in confidence). 

We are still absolutely buzzing from the concert on Thursday.  I was an extremely proud teacher watching my class perform in front of a large crowd at the civic centre.  The project was an exciting worthwhile experience and met many of our second level music outcomes.  I never thought I would ever witness music being recorded by a recording studio – neither did the children.  Thank you again – I wish we could do it all over again.  

Jillian Welsh – Class teacher Muir Street PS