3. Music For All

“Music for All” is an inclusive programme that provides a spectrum of varied, life enhancing, individualised and meaningful, structured music lessons and experiences in all our 13 SEN Schools.

Planning and delivery of these lessons was predicated on the pupils’ ability to participate; physically, intellectually and emotionally, and was also innovative in providing the pupils’ access to platforms for participation. This programme provided access to music making for pupils throughout the full range of physical and EBD limitations. We want the following outcomes for our young people -:

  • To become engaged in practical music making
  • To develop a level of proficiency in practical music making .
  • To respond positively to musical stimuli.

The children very much look forward to their sessions with Allan and are always very excited coming back to class.  They are very proud of being Allan’s group.  Janice Watt – class teacher Drumpark PS

A fantastic addition to our extra-curricular interventions.  Our SEBN young people benefit in so many ways from their music tuition.  We really care about a holistic approach in working with our young people.  This opportunity at creativity and expression is a brilliant asset in doing so.  Nelson Liddle (DHT) Portland High School

The pupils in my class look forward to Allan’s music class; they love playing the instruments, having a go on their own and then as a group.  Allan has used their interests to encourage them to take part, i.e. one pupil loves Rick Astley.  All the pupils will sing the songs they have learned in class at other times and will happily share what they did that day. Denise Kirkham – class teacher.

There are so many benefits that I see. One pupil especially returns to class much calmer and more cooperative with staff.  Pupils have become much more engaged and are talking about their successes and achievements with music and for pupils with social/emotional difficulties this is fantastic.  This is such an important support intervention. Mrs K McGhie (Acting PT) Portland High School.

The children are engaged and participate well.  Sally Stewart – class teacher Fir Park primary.