A warm welcome to North Lanarkshire Instrumental Music Service

Fiona Sinclair, Active schools & Schools Sports Manager.






North Lanarkshire Instrumental Music Service has forged an enviable reputation throughout Scotland, through the delivery of instrumental and choral instruction. North Lanarkshire Council embraces the rich musical diversity within the authority and endeavours to continue producing young musicians and ensembles at all levels of the spectrum. 

North Lanarkshire Instrumental Music Service offers the young people within North Lanarkshire education an opportunity to perform at school, national and international level through the successful establishment of our renowned bands, choirs, orchestras and ensembles. The music groups have grown from a fledgling concept of learning to play a musical instrument for the few, to an accessible nationally acclaimed service, taught by a qualified workforce. North Lanarkshire’s Instrumental music service seeks to enhance and enrich the lives of the young people of North Lanarkshire through instrumental and choral tuition, whilst developing and nurturing a skill which will last way beyond school years into adulthood.

Instrumental Music  is embedded deeply in the curricular fabric of the school day, offering expert advice and tuition whilst ensuring that pupils are properly prepared for the rigours of Scotland’s cfe programme and external examinations. The Instrumental Music Service curricular role within education is essential, as today’s Instrumental pupil has to perform on 2 instruments for SQA examinations. The instrumental music service has become a valued and integral part of the music education and life-long learning of our pupils. The instrumental service is embraced by teachers, head teachers, directors of education and politicians alike, who support us in our continued effort to raise the standard of musicianship throughout the authority.

Please note that instrument choice and instrumental staff availability varies from school to school, so please check with your child’s school or the Instrumental Music Service, on the availability of the provision within your area.

“A Breath-taking evening of music from pupils at the North Lanarkshire Schools Spring Concert. Talent, confidence and commitment all on display. A tribute to all the pupils, staff and families and to investment to instrumental music tuition”.

Deputy First Minister, John Swinney.