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Minimising Bullying Policy


Bullying in Langloan Primary School and Nursery Class can only be effectively dealt with if parents, staff and pupils work together to find a solution.  Bullying does exist and is a problem in all schools.  It must be given a high profile within the school, where an open, caring and responsive climate should be created.


  • to develop an awareness that bullying is unacceptable.
  • to develop a shared view of bullying.
  • to work in partnership with parents to minimise bullying.
  • to encourage an open climate where concerns are heard.
  • to develop a range of strategies to deal with bullying.
  • to develop a sense of shared responsibility within the school community.

What is Bullying?

It is a deliberate act where a person is wilful and has a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone else.

  • Verbal:  being called nasty names/nasty comments.
  • Social:   being left out of things/ no one talking to you.
  • Material:   possessions stolen/ property damaged.
  • Physical:   being assaulted.

Role of the Management Team

To work with the staff to create a caring and supportive ethos throughout the whole school by:

  • fostering a whole school approach to bullying.
  • promoting partnership between home and school.
  • supporting staff in their efforts to deal with bullying.
  • ensuring that both victim and bully are counselled and supported.
  • applying sanctions where necessary.

Role of the Staff

To support the children by:

  • raising awareness of bullying and its effects on a regular basis through the curriculum.
  • fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • being aware of and defusing potential situations before they escalate.
  • encouraging witnesses to report bullying incidents.
  • taking reports of bullying seriously.
  • taking action where necessary.
  • reporting serious or persistent problems to the Management Team.

Role of the Parent

Parents’ should support their child/children by:

  • letting you child know you are pleased to be told about the incident(s)
  • reporting repeated or serious incidents to the school.
  • co-operating with the school by allowing us sufficient time to deal with the matter; bullying can be complex and difficult to solve.

School Procedures for Dealing with Bullying

  • investigate incident.
  • support the victim and counsel the bully.
  • report incidents of a more serious or persistent nature to the Management Team.
  • involve parents’ where necessary and work in pertnership to resolve the situation.
  • sanctions will be applied by the Management Team if necessary.
  • in extreme cases where no satisfactory outcome can be reached at school level, the authority can be involved.

Strategies for Children

Pupils should try to:

  • avoid worrying.
  • keep in control.
  • stay calm.
  • look confident.
  • stay with friends.
  • pretend they don’t care.
  • most importantly tell someone- a friend, janitor, teacher or parent.
  • if you keep it a secret you are protecting the bully and saying it is o.k to treat you as he/she is doing.

Pupils should not:

  • blame themselves.
  • think like a victim.
  • put themselves at risk.
  • show they are upset.

No Hitting Policy

Why should I not hit back if someone hits me?

  • it can make the situation worse.
  • someone could get injured.
  • it can make it difficult to find out who is at fault.
  • it encourages violence.
  • it undermines all efforts to develop self control.
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