Langloan Primary School

Additional Support Needs

Langloan Primary School complies with the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2009.

North Lanarkshire Council’s policy is contained within “Support for Learning Policy into Practice”, a copy of which

is available in the school.  The school has a Support for Learning Policy, available from the school on request,

which is consistent with North Lanarkshire Council guidelines.

Children are taught in groups and work according to their ability.  At times pupils’ may show

specific learning skills or difficulties.  It is important to remember that some pupils’

may experience some difficulty in the course of their school career or may show a strength

in a certain area of the curriculum.  However, where pupils’ show specific difficulties or strengths

he/she will be supported by the class teacher or, in some cases, the additional needs support teacher

will be asked to make an assessment of a child’s difficulty or strength to ensure the pupil

is given a programme of work which meets their needs.

The school may also seek advice and guidance from Psychological Services but parents’ will

always be advised if referral is necessary.  We also enlist the support of North Lanarkshire Council’s Bilingual

Support Unit where necessary.

Support given to pupils’ reflects Learning and Leisure Services staged intervention process, that is:-

Level 1- Internal support, where education staff identify that a child or yound person needs support or planning which can be met within the exisiting classroom or playroom setting.

Level 2- Internal support, where education staff identify that a child or young person needs support or planning from within the

school or early years establishment.

Level 3- External support from within Learning and Leisure services, where it is identified that the child or young person requires

support or planning from beyond the school or early years setting but within educational services.

Level 4- External support provided on a multiagency basis, where the child or young person’s needs are identified as requiring support or planning from multiagency services and these support needs will last for more than a year.

Langloan Primary School has the assisstance of a school pscychologist who visits approximately once a month.

Further assisstance can be requested from the Inclusion Base, Literacy Base, Health Specialists and the SAM Group

which can support children through the use of computers.  Pupils’who have English as an additional language

can have additional support through a specialist teacher.

Looked After Children i.e. children who are cared for directly or whose care is supervised by the local authority

are deemed to have Additional Support Needs unless assessment determines otherwise.  The Head Teacher

is responsible for children under the care of social work depeartment.

Parents’ are able to request an assessment to establish whether a child has additional needs or requires

a Co-ordinated Support Plan.  Contact the Head Teacher, Mrs Ronald.

Parents’ and pupils’ are an essential part of the assessment, planning and review processes and your

views will be actively sought.  Parents and young people can request of the authority to establish whether a child has additional

support needs.  They can also request an assessment at any time.

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