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Tribal Art by P5

Primary 5 have been doing the Rainforest as their topic and have completed some excellent art work. Below is an animoto video of some of their tribal art. I think this is something to be proud of!! The video takes a few seconds to begin after pressing play, it looks like it isn’t going to work but it does. Be patient it is worth it to see primary 5’s fantastic work!! 😀

Tribal Art

Rainforest Paintings

The Rainforest Layers

On the 8th of February all of P5 made a painting about the Rainforest and we learned that there is four different layers in the rainforest. There is the Emergents,Canopy, Understory and the Forest floor.The Emergent layer has the tallest trees. We have made this blue because you would be able to see the sky. The Canopy is bright green because it gets lots of sunlight. Next is the Understory, this layer is darker green because it gets less sunlight.  Finally the Forest Floor iis brown, it is made up of dead leaves.We have learned about the Rainforest.

By:Rachel and Nathan

Mixing Colours

On Friday we were mixing colours to match the colours of the leaves in the rainforest. The most popular colours were light green and dark green. The most unpopular colour was  yellow. There are also other colours like pink,red,orange and dark purple and lots of others. Some colours were the exact same as the rainforest leaves but some, on the other hand, were not. The colours we used to make all of these were yellow,green,red,orange,blue,black,white and lots more. What was your favourite ?

By Garry and Jorgia

Making a Fabulous Knickerbocker Glory

On Friday the 21st of January we made fabulous Knickerbocker Glories.First we got a piece of card, next we collected tissue paper,glue and scissors.Then we drew the shape of it and we
started to put our tissue paper on to our Knickerbocker Glory shape.Finally when they were finished we put them on the carpet and people came in and saw them. They looked fantastic.
(we will post a picture soon)

By Rachael and Nathan