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Back from Kilbowie

Well primary 5
that is me back from Kilbowie. I carried out an audit of my bruises and so far have counted 17!!! I have to say, every bruise was worth it. It was an AMAZING experience and the primary 7’s have been fantastic this week. The children enjoyed getting to know the other P7 class from New Monklands and have made some new friends. This will help in the transtition from primary to secondary school.

The other three schools that were with us at Kilbowie were Firpark, Pentland and Drumpark. The children from Chapelside and New Monklands didn’t get to know these children as well because they were in different activity groups, but during free time they enjoyed using the table tennis, table football and other activities in the games room together.

Most of the schools also got together on the last night for the disco and created some super moves on the dance floor.

Miss Tierney, Mrs Reid, Mrs Grier and I also danced the night away. I even slipped on the floor and fell right onto my bottom (of course I made out it was all part of my routine). I don’t think anyone believed me though.

I have had a very relaxed night with my family and I can’t wait to put my head on my own pillow tonight.

I am really looking forward to seeing my lovely p5’s on Monday. I hear you have all been working hard this week. Well done!!!!

I will post more pictures of the Kilbowie Adventures tomorrow so pop back and have a look. Remember if you leave a comment about any of the pictures don’t use the names of the children (this is one of our blogging rules and it is a very important one)

Cant wait to see you. 😀 😀

Miss D

A week with Mrs O’Hanlon

We are having fun with Mrs O’Hanlon because our main teacher Miss Docherty has been away to Kilbowie for a week. So we have had our other teacher all week Mrs O’Hanlon. We have done lots of work and we have learned lots about the topic international childrens  games. We also have been doing a topic called Proud  to be me and it is about how people make babies and make love.Mrs Docherty is coming back today and we also miss her lots.

Chloe F And Kim

Kilbowie Adventures – Day 4 am – Rock climbing with Group 9 –

My Kilbowie adventure continues today with a rock climb. I was with group 9 and they were fantastic. They really pushed themselves and were able to achieve something they didn’t think they could.

After the rock climb there was some time left to explore on the beach. One of the children found a clam and lots of interesting looking shells and pebbles. The tide was out so the children had to run quite far before they reached the edge of the water.

Getting ready to ROCK!

All good in the hood

Primary 5 have been working really hard this week and I think they’ve missed you. We’ve done lots of writing and our little fingers are sore but we’ve learned a lot. The class are very enthusiastic about their new topic and this is very encouraging, they are carrying out their own research at home too. Many children have created their own version of the I.C.G. logo/motif, fantastic creations. At the swimming all children were dried and ready for the vending machine in under a minute, thought this was funny. All children got a treat, they told me, it’s normally the first 5 ready, but they were like lightning after I told them they could all get one. See you when you return to Chapelside.

Kilbowie Adventures – Day 3

Hi Primary 5 and Mrs O’Hanlon

I had another busy day today as I am sure you did too.

Today was an extremely windy day and our scheduled canoeing could not go ahead. 🙁 We are hoping that the weather picks up and we will be able to go canoeing in the morning (fingers crossed)

Firstly I was working with groups 3 and 5. Our instructors were Di and Ellid and we were being prepared for a morning of orienteering. We had a go at locating different things on the map by using the key at the side to identify different features.

The Kilbowie Map

We had to locate a number of sign posts which had stampers attached and use them to stamp a sheet with thirty different check points. It was fantastic but it can be quite tricky to follow the map. The trick was to ensure the map was positioned correctly by using the sea as a reference point.

It took some people longer than others to complete but everyone was really proud of themselves when they managed to finish.

After the orienteering, we had the chance to use the adventure ropes again.

Hanging in there!
Stop for a snap.

After the rope adventure we were given the option of climbing a huge tree. Some of the children decided they did not want to do this and this is ok as no one is forced to do something they do not want to do.

I decided to have a go!!!

A tree-mendous experience!

I was so proud that I made it all the way to the top and got to ring the bell. Melanie took a video of me climbing the tree and I will post it soon for you to see.

Miss you all lots:-(

CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the video Mel took!

Miss Docherty Tackles the BIG TREE

Kilbowie Adventures – Day 2 – pm Skiing – Group 11

Well Primary 5

My Kilbowie adventures are continuing and today I have been on a gorge walk, a rope adventure and skiing. Before I came to Kilbowie I was most looking forwards to doing the Skiing.

I have to tell you primary 5, Miss Docherty is NOT a natural on the ski slopes, but I gave it my best and had so much fun doing it. I was a bit of a danger to others on the slopes because I couldn’t do any turns and I couldn’t stop.!!!!

After knocking a few children over I decided that I was a bit dangerous on skis. Lots of people were relieved when I took my skis off!!

On a Slippery Slope
One Ski Wonders

The Rope adventure was great fun. Here’s a few pictures!!

Helmet Heads
We're not tyred!!
Terrific Team.

I will blog again soon P5. Missing you lots and lots. Thanks for your comments and posts so far!!!!!

Miss D

Kilbowie Day 2 am – Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking with Group 5 and Kenny

My first activity today was gorge walking with group 5. The children in this group were really well behaved and all of them really enjoyed this activity. We travelled on a bus for about half an hour to get to the gorge with our wet suits, waterproof suits and helmets on. We walked up the gorge together working as a team to help each other get past the tricky parts.

When we reached the top of the gorge, the water wasn’t deep enough to jump in so we climbed up on to a big rock and had to slide into the water. It was FREEZING and gave me a bit of a fright. Some of the children were a bit nervous but I was so proud when they decided to give it a go. It was superb!!!



I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Miss Docherty