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Our New Topic

Hello Billy Bear we are going to tell you about the rainforest,our new topic. You can find wild exotic flowers and vines,big trees and lots of green bushes and leaves. Did you know that there are lots of wild birds and animals? Some rainforests are over 100 years old. Most people like exploring on wild trips like in the rainforest. In the rainforest it’s mostly likely to rain which might cause it to flood. The most common animal in the rainforest would be a bird like parrots and other birds and you would also find wild snakes like the cobra and lots of others. Would you go to the rainforest Billy Bear ?

By Jorgia and Garry

Billy Bear needs our help

Please help Billy Bear to find out some information.  He will tell you what he needs to find out more about. Click on the bubble at the bottom to leave a reply.

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Battle of Bannockburn

The battle of Bannockburn happened over 600 years ago.It happened on June 23-24 1314 also the battle was against Scots under Robert the Bruce vs English under King Edward the second.It happened in Bannockburn,Stirlingshire and after the battle the English called their river ‘running red’ because of all the blood in the river.The English held Robert’s family captive for seven long years.There were 40,000 people ready for battle against the Scots and English.Robert sent his men out in Woodland south west or Stirling and 2 months before the battle Robert and his men were training for battle.In that battle Robert gave Scotland freedom from the English.Edward died because his wife killed him.King Edward visited Scotland once.Scotland won the battle over All.

Making light

On the 5th of January we made an electric circuit.First we got a partner to work with,I was with Nicole.We had to name ourselves a and b, I was b.Then we had to go and collect…
2 wires
1 battery
1 light bulb holder
1 bulb

Then we put the bulb in the bulb holder and had to get an end of each wire and put them under a screw.Then Miss Docherty came round with tape because we had to get the other end of each wire and put it on the metal bit of the battery.Then just wiggle the wires around until it lights up.I found it hard because i couldn’t get it to light up but the teacher came round with buzzers to see if the battery works,you put the wires from the buzzer in the metal bits of the battery then it buzzes.That was an extra bit of fun.Also you get a picture when your light bulb lights up.