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Parent’s Night and the Book Fair

Last week  was parents night that is when parents come in and see your teachers.Your parents look at your work then they go up to your teacher when its your turn.You are allowed to go up with you mum or dad to see if you are being good or bad at school.When you are at the parents night you can go to the book fair and buy a book or stationary.The book fair is really good and it has really funny books.

Abby and Katie

Abbys Mum

I have been looking at all the stories on the P5 blog and have to say that they are brilliant and very informative – great descriptions.  There is a varied choice of what to look at and you can tell alot of effort has been put in by the teachers  and the whole class.

Keep up the good work!!!

By Joanne Maxwell

Meet BONKERS!!!!!!!

We can finally unveil the famous hen – BONKERS!! Bonkers has been a star on our blog for the past few weeks.

It has taken a while to get the sought after picture of BONKERS, but last night at 6.05pm paparazzi were finally able to capture the image.

The Famous BONKERS!!!

Thankyou to everyone who took part in our vote to name Abby’s hen, she is very pleased with the result!!!

And the Winner is…

Abby, Miss Docherty and the children of Primary 5 would like to thank everyone who took part in the vote to name Abby’s hen. We had 205 votes. This is much more than we expected.

Here are the final results
Last place – Pecky – 16 votes
Fourth place – Chicksy – 26 votes
Third place – Henrietta – 31 votes
Second place – Miss McNugget – 52 votes
First place – BONKERS – 80 VOTES!!!!! 🙂 😀

Thanks again for taking part. Sorry we do not yet have a picture of BONKERS to post. Hopefully we will have one up soon.

Abby’s Hen – The story so far

Abby is one of the pupils from Chapelside Primary in Airdrie. Abby was given the responsibility of naming one of her Papa’s new hens. Primary 5 came up with lots of ideas for Abby’s hen and after a vote managed to narrow this down to the top 5 ideas. One of the children suggested putting the vote to the public and posting a request for help on our class blog. So far we have had lots of votes.

Here are the top 5 names and the votes they have received so far-

Pecky – 1

Miss McNugget – 28

Henrietta -7

Chicksy -11

Bonkers – 15

The winning name and a picture of Abby’s hen will be posted on our blog on Thursday 10th February.

Don’t forget to vote !! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far.

Abby, Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers 😀

Help Abby to name her new hen.

Hello Everyone
One of the pupils in primary five needs your help. She has been given the responsibility of naming one of her Papa’s hens. The class came up with lots of ideas and we have narrowed this down to the top five.
We need your help to decide on the final name.
These are the top five names –
Miss McNugget

What will her name be?????

Leave a comment to tell us what you think she should name her hen.
Miss Docherty and Primary Five.