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Making light

On the 5th of January we made an electric circuit.First we got a partner to work with,I was with Nicole.We had to name ourselves a and b, I was b.Then we had to go and collect…
2 wires
1 battery
1 light bulb holder
1 bulb

Then we put the bulb in the bulb holder and had to get an end of each wire and put them under a screw.Then Miss Docherty came round with tape because we had to get the other end of each wire and put it on the metal bit of the battery.Then just wiggle the wires around until it lights up.I found it hard because i couldn’t get it to light up but the teacher came round with buzzers to see if the battery works,you put the wires from the buzzer in the metal bits of the battery then it buzzes.That was an extra bit of fun.Also you get a picture when your light bulb lights up.

Electricity Topic

We are learning about Electricity.
We learned that Germany uses the most wind energy in the world. We also found out that there are 16 wind farms in Scotland.Wind is a renewable energy source, this means that it will never run out.The USA is the second largest country to use the most wind energy.Wind turbines make electricity by converting the wind into energy. Some people think wind farms are ugly and they are also dangerous to birds and bats because of the large rotor blades.