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Primary Five Personal Project – The Rainforest

Our topic this term is ‘The Rainforest’. We are learning about the different types of rainforest, the different layers of the rainforest, the animals and plants of the rainforest, the food that comes from the rainforest and the people of the rainforest. It is a very exciting topic, which encourages us to think about the environment we live in and how we can preserve the rainforests for future generations.

You will have just over two weeks to complete a personal project related to the rainforest. You could select an area of the rainforest to focus on e.g. plants of the rainforest, animals of the rainforest, people of the rainforest etc. You may want to be more general and cover a range of topics under the heading “Tropical Rainforests” or “Temperate Rainforests”.  You may decide to look at a specific rainforest e.g. The Amazon.

Before you begin your personal project it is important that you decide on your topic area. This will help to guide your research. It will provide you with the BIG questions for your research project.

E.G. What plants come from the rainforest?

You will then have some ‘little’ questions coming from this BIG question.

e.g. what is the biggest plant?

What plants are used in medicine?

In your personal project you should include

*A front cover with your name and your teacher’s name

* A contents page

*An introduction – this should tell the reader why you have chosen the topic you are looking at.

*Good spelling and punctuation

*A glossary

*A conclusion – this should tell the reader in a few paragraphs what you have learned. It should also include the impact that carrying out your research has had on you.

*Sources page – where did you get your information from?

You could include



*Typed documents

*Handwritten work

You may wish to present your project as a leaflet, a powerpoint, a report , you may want to present it in a folder or handwritten on A4 paper. It is up to you!!

YOU MUST – write in your own words!!!!

You will present your work to the rest of the class in a short talk. You should select which aspects of your personal project you would like to share in your personal talk.

Personal Projects and Talks MUST be handed in on Thursday 17th March.

2 thoughts on “Personal Project”

  1. Wow!!

    I was so impressed with the standard of the personal projects on the Rainforest. I spent all weekend reading and commenting on them. I learned lots of new things from the projects!!!

    Well done primary 5!!

    Miss Docherty

  2. I am very pleased to hear about the progress of your personal projects. Some people have even handed them in already!!!!

    You have two days left to complete this. Remember there are lots of links on the Personal Project Wiki that might help with your research and there is also a discussion board in glow if you need some help or advice.


    Miss Docherty

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