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Sport’s day

We had a sports day today. Nicole and I were one of the helpers for the sports day we were helping p1 p1\2 and p3\4. I love sports day  because we get to do lots of different activites and we have to try and do our best to get points and at the end we get an ice-lolly and get a certificate if we are first second and third. I like geting first second and third. Last year mine and Nicoles was first but we are in separate teams this year because Nicole is yellow and I am green again, but it isn’t the colour that matters, it is the team work.We started at 10:45am to 12:00pm we are still wating for the results we are all so excited because we all want to win.Some people were videoing the sport’s day and some people were taking pictures. If you can me and nicole would like to know if you can write a comment about what you like about sports day.

Erin and Nicole