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Primary 5 went to  the Synagogue yesterday and we learned that there are no

pictures of people in the Synagogue. We also  learned about the Menorah lamp.

and we learned that boys from the age of 13 have a bar mitspha and they

become a man.

If one of the scrolls has a mistake they have  to stop the service and go and get another scroll. A scribe handwrites the scrolls and it takes a whole year to write.

Kirsty and Heather

Technology in Learning Afternoon

Mrs Clelland came in to our class today to see us using lots of different technology in our learning. We were using flip cameras, laptops and DSI’s.

On the laptops we let Mrs Clelland see voki, garage band, E-PortfoliGlows, blogging and photobooth. We wanted to show Mrs Clelland fotobabble but it didn’t work. We decided to write a post instead.

Kim made a sparklee for Mrs Clelland and I am writing this post.

Heather and Miss Docherty