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Attention P5 Paparazzi

Calling all budding photographers in primary 5 !!!

Would you like to see your photographs featured on glow?

There is a competition on at the moment to find fantastic photographs to feature on the glow light home page. Can you imagine signing into glow and seeing your photograph featured for everyone across Scotland  to see?

Well get your cameras out and get snapping as the competition will close on 20th May.

There are a few things that you must take into consideration when selecting a photograph for entry

Think about where the buttons on the glow light home page are and how these would affect your photograph.

Think about the placement of the glow icon. Would this cover an important part of the image?

Below is the post taken from the competition page in glow. For more details click here

This competition invites pupils of all ages to submit up to three photographs for possible publication on the front page of glow.

The choice of subject is completely open. Your photograph could capture a local view or event, your own schoolwork, a landscape or scene from nature. Digitally enhanced images will be accepted.

Miss Docherty

Technology in Learning Afternoon

Mrs Clelland came in to our class today to see us using lots of different technology in our learning. We were using flip cameras, laptops and DSI’s.

On the laptops we let Mrs Clelland see voki, garage band, E-PortfoliGlows, blogging and photobooth. We wanted to show Mrs Clelland fotobabble but it didn’t work. We decided to write a post instead.

Kim made a sparklee for Mrs Clelland and I am writing this post.

Heather and Miss Docherty

Tribal Art by P5

Primary 5 have been doing the Rainforest as their topic and have completed some excellent art work. Below is an animoto video of some of their tribal art. I think this is something to be proud of!! The video takes a few seconds to begin after pressing play, it looks like it isn’t going to work but it does. Be patient it is worth it to see primary 5’s fantastic work!! đŸ˜€

Tribal Art

Proud to be me

This is a student blogging challenge meme and here is a link to the original post.

Something that makes me proud to be me is my ICT skills.

One day our teacher Miss Docherty introduced a website called Voki. Voki is a website that lets you create a mini person or animation and loads more. Then all you do is put your text into the text box or you can phone the number and get it to say whatever you want. So our teacher found out how to put a Voki on to our blog so she put a Voki on the blog and she put a post on my E-PortFoliGlow and I learned it and put instructions on the blog myself.

I have tagged the class climb high.

I hope they will take part.


Da Rainforest Rap

This is a rap that Miss Docherty made in a Primary two class and remembered so Miss Docherty taught it to P5 at Chapelside.

It is called Da Rainforets Rap.

Da’ Rainforest Rap

The rainforest don’t got one layer

The rainforest don’t got two layers

The rainforest don’t got three layers

The rainforests got four layers

Say what – four layers

Say what – four layers

Say what four layers

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

We got emergent trees that are mighty mighty high

They reach right up and almost touch the sky

Say what – emergent

Say what – emergent

Say what – emergent

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

Next we got the canopy, Home of the bromeliad

Just like a big umbrella there, Its mighty mighty rad

Say what – canopy

Say what – canopy

Say what – canopy

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

Next we got the Understory Where it’s cool and dark

And the epiphytes Grow on the tree bark

Say what –  Understory

Say what –  Understory

Say what –  Understory

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

Down at the bottom we got the forest floor

And that’s the final layer We don’t got no more

Say what – forest floor

Say what – forest floor

Say what – forest floor

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

If I say rainforest you say four layers

Rainforest – four layers x 3

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

(Remember to say it in a rap voice)

Now we shall take out a bit of the rap and put it in a voki.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

By Kim And Gemma