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Mixing Colours

On Friday we were mixing colours to match the colours of the leaves in the rainforest. The most popular colours were light green and dark green. The most unpopular colour was  yellow. There are also other colours like pink,red,orange and dark purple and lots of others. Some colours were the exact same as the rainforest leaves but some, on the other hand, were not. The colours we used to make all of these were yellow,green,red,orange,blue,black,white and lots more. What was your favourite ?

By Garry and Jorgia

Our New Topic

Hello Billy Bear we are going to tell you about the rainforest,our new topic. You can find wild exotic flowers and vines,big trees and lots of green bushes and leaves. Did you know that there are lots of wild birds and animals? Some rainforests are over 100 years old. Most people like exploring on wild trips like in the rainforest. In the rainforest it’s mostly likely to rain which might cause it to flood. The most common animal in the rainforest would be a bird like parrots and other birds and you would also find wild snakes like the cobra and lots of others. Would you go to the rainforest Billy Bear ?

By Jorgia and Garry