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Blogging all over the World!!!

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We have been looking at the countries that have been visiting our blog over the past few months. We created flags and found out some facts about each country. We had 49 countries for what seemed like ages and we were really keen to reach the 50 country mark.

I am really pleased to let you know that we have reached the 50 country mark!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact we have fifty two countries. This is an amazing achievement Primary5 and you should all be very proud of this. Well done!!!

Miss Docherty

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Hello to all of the parents/guardians of all the children in Primary 5

We are interested in your views about our blog and would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions.

How often do you access our class blog?
What things do you enjoy most about our blog?
What things do you enjoy least about our blog?
Is there anything missing from the blog that you would like to see included?

We appreciate your input and thank you in advance for your participation.

Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers