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What we have been doing

Dear Miss Docherty

We have been learning about our new topic called International Childrens Games (I.C.G).Also we have been learning about parallel lines and perpendicular lines in maths. On Tuesday Mrs O’Hanlon told us to write what we think we know about I.C.G. Then we all went down to the carpet to find out the real facts about I.C.G. When we went down to the carpet we learned  that a P.E teacher in Slovenia Metod Klemec was the very first person to think of  the I.C.G. He was the brains behind it. He organised the very first I.C.G. in 1968 made up of teams from 9 European cities. We also learned that this year there was a joint bid between North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire and some of us know where the venues are for the activites. We learned the parrell and perpendicular on Monday and Tuesday it’s very hard sometimes.

Kim and Nathan