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Tribal Art by P5

Primary 5 have been doing the Rainforest as their topic and have completed some excellent art work. Below is an animoto video of some of their tribal art. I think this is something to be proud of!! The video takes a few seconds to begin after pressing play, it looks like it isn’t going to work but it does. Be patient it is worth it to see primary 5’s fantastic work!! 😀

Tribal Art

Jade’s First Post

My Songs

I have written 15 songs, 5 of them are about crazy frogs and another 5 are about animals of the rainforest and the rest of them are random things. I do not know if you know this is my first ever post I have ever made. I always wanted to but I never knew how to do it, but I think you’ll need to drag me of the computer now.


Proud to be me

This is a student blogging challenge meme and here is a link to the original post.

Something that makes me proud to be me is my ICT skills.

One day our teacher Miss Docherty introduced a website called Voki. Voki is a website that lets you create a mini person or animation and loads more. Then all you do is put your text into the text box or you can phone the number and get it to say whatever you want. So our teacher found out how to put a Voki on to our blog so she put a Voki on the blog and she put a post on my E-PortFoliGlow and I learned it and put instructions on the blog myself.

I have tagged the class climb high.

I hope they will take part.


We have been Tagged

Right now all across the bloggosphere you might be surprised to hear that there is a game of tag taking place!!! We have been tagged by Mrs Edwards and class and now it is our turn to tag some other blogs. The game of tag is about a meme post. In this meme you have to write about something you have taken part in that you are really proud of. Click here to visit the original post to see where this game of tag began. I wonder how many countries this game of tag will reach. To read the post tagging us click here.

I know that you will have lots of good ideas because you often make me very proud to be your teacher. So get GLOWING with pride and lets keep this meme travelling!!!

Miss Docherty

Persuasive Writing – Adverts

As part of our literacy and as part of the blogging challenge we created some persuasive adverts.
Here are some pictures of a few of our finished adverts. We tried to use some language in our adverts to make the reader feel like they needed our product. We think we were successful. What do you think??

Agent Jackson

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

By Nathan and Steven

Blogging Activity – Challenge 6

Here is another one of this week’s blogging activities. We have missed out on quite a few of the challenges as we have been off for the past two weeks, so now is our chance to catch up. We can always go back at some point and complete some of the other activities we have missed.

Persuasive writing

Last term we learned a bit about persuasive writing and tested this out by writing letters about deforestation. We have also used persuasive features in our cross curricular topic – Electricity.
Do you remember our debate about wind farms?
You might also remember our work on the proposals for a four day school week, uniform verses no uniform and our posters we created about Fruity Fortnight.

These are all examples of a persuasive style of writing. When creating a persuasive text it is your job to convince the reader to your way of thinking.

The challenge post provides some ideas about what you could write about.

That mobile phones should be used in classrooms
That all students should have a personal blog from Grade 6 onwards
That all classes should have a class blog
That national or statewide testing has no valuable purpose for the student
or A topic of your own choice

What sort of things could you write about?

Could you create a persuasive poster or leaflet?

Will you write a persuasive letter?

It is up to you!!!

Have fun with it! 😀 🙂

Miss Docherty

Game is on

One of this week’s activities in the blogging challenge is the Count Out Three Game. This activity is an excellent way of encouraging people to visit different blogs and leave comments for the author. It is a fantstic way of building a global audience and creating links between student blogs and class blogs.

Here are some of the blogs we have visited and left comments on today.
The Funny Room – The author of this blog is called Jay and he is from the U.S.A.

Sumayah’s Awesome Portfolio – The author of this blog is Sumaya, it is a pretty pink paradise.

Elis Blog – Eli is the author of this blog. His blogging header tells the reader that his blog is ‘all about cool learning’.

Seizing the Moment – The author of this blog is Mrs Seeley. There are lots of other blog links on this blog and therefore a fantastic place to build up your blog roll. The motto – making life in the middle extraordinary is fantastic.

Katarina’s Blog – The author of this blog is 10 year old Katarina. Her favourite colour is blue and she has written a really good post explaining why blue is her favourite colour.

These are the blogs we have visited so far as part of the count out three game. We will visit more over the coming days.

Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

Challenge yourself to Blog

This week Miss W has decided to give everyone the opportunity to catch up on the previous challenges.

Over the weeks there have been a number of challenges, we have not completed all of the challenges but now is our opportunity to catch up and  do a few more of the activities.

Miss Docherty


Dear Brilliant Bloggers

Below is the post from

Mrs B and Room 15

asking our class and Miss B’s class to take part in a blogging challenge. We had to consider our community. We had a brainstorm in class and came up with lots of ideas.

Miss Docherty

Room 15’s Post

Last week we watched a video by Miss B’s Block and it got us thinking about communities.  What is a community?  What would it be like to not have a community?  Is a community part  of our identity? We have also found out there are lots of different types of communities.  We decided to focus on our local community and for homework last week Room 15 were asked to take photos of ‘our community’.  We want to share our brainstorm with you and a video of the photos some students took.

We would really like Miss B’s Block and the Brilliant Bloggers to share a brainstorm about their local community so we can compare and contrast.  Are there many differences between your local community and ours?  Is your community part of your identity?

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Challenge 4 (Class blog challenge)


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