Mixing Colours

On Friday we were mixing colours to match the colours of the leaves in the rainforest. The most popular colours were light green and dark green. The most unpopular colour was  yellow. There are also other colours like pink,red,orange and dark purple and lots of others. Some colours were the exact same as the rainforest leaves but some, on the other hand, were not. The colours we used to make all of these were yellow,green,red,orange,blue,black,white and lots more. What was your favourite ?

By Garry and Jorgia

2 thoughts on “Mixing Colours”

  1. Well done on your comment to the mixing colours post Kim. I really like that you are experimenting with different connectives.

    Good job!!! 🙂 😀

  2. I love the colour red on leaves because it remindes me of big sister because she has red hair.Also red is one of my favourite colours,in addition red on leaves help you see all the vans on the leave.

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