Electricity Topic

We are learning about Electricity.
We learned that Germany uses the most wind energy in the world. We also found out that there are 16 wind farms in Scotland.Wind is a renewable energy source, this means that it will never run out.The USA is the second largest country to use the most wind energy.Wind turbines make electricity by converting the wind into energy. Some people think wind farms are ugly and they are also dangerous to birds and bats because of the large rotor blades.

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  1. Hi Grace and Primary 7
    Thanks for taking the time to leave our class a comment on our blog. 🙂
    We really enjoyed the authors live event, it was amazing, almost like having Jacqueline Wilson in our classroom.

    It is fantastic that you were able to connect with experts to find out more about Robert Burns. It sounds like you all had a really great time!!!

    We will visit your blog and find out more about what you have been learning.

    Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

  2. Hello x
    I am Grace Phillips from Primary 7. I have really enjoyed learning about all your topics and fun things that are happening in your class and in your school 🙂 !!!x
    I like that you have been talking live !!!!x 🙂 xxx <3
    My class and i have also been talking live, we have been live, with expert people so we can learn more about Robert Burns !!!!x its really fun isn't it (hehehe) x!x

    If you want you can come onto our blog at Glenmanor Primary School and you can find out what we have been up too !!!!x (hehe) xxx <3 🙂 xxx

  3. I am glad to hear that Ava loved her school trip to the wind farm. The issue of wind farms has been a hot topic in our class.

  4. Hi Miss Stronge
    Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment for the class to read.
    We have had some fun with our electricity topic.

  5. love the electicity topic sounds great Rachael was telling em all about so decied to go on the brilliant bloggers and write a comment just to tell you the country side is a good place for windfarms my neice Ava for her school trip went to a windfarm she loved it.

    lots of love Eileen

  6. Hi P3,4, 5
    Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. We are glad that you enjoyed reading about our electricity topic. The issue of wind farms sparked a debate in our class. We also could not agree about wind farms. Here are some of the things that were discussed in our debate.
    The team who were against the building of wind farms (Team A) suggested that they were not very nice to look at (the opposing team (Team B) who think that Scotland should use more windfarms disagreed, they think that they add something interesting to look at, and suggested that because they are white they are very striking).
    Team A thought that it was not a good idea to develop more wind farms because lots of countryside would have to be damaged to build on and birds and bats can also get killed because of the rotor blades.
    Team B thought that the damage to the environment could be justified because the wind turbines were environmentally friendly and would help to reduce pollution in the environment from power stations. Team B did think it was very sad that bats and birds could get killed and thought that the blades could turn off for a short period of time if they were hit by something, just in case it was a bird or a bat. They thought this would help to reduce the number of birds or bats killed or hurt in this way.
    What do the children at Chapelgreen think?
    The Brilliant Bloggers at Chapelside Primary

  7. Hi P5,

    We loved reading about your electricity topic and we are learning about electricity too.
    We also think that you are excellent bloggers because you have put in information that is useful to us.
    Our class can’t agree on whether wind farms are ugly or not. Some people think that they are just windmills on a farm and some people think that they look messy.
    From P 3,4,5 at Chapelgreen Primary

  8. Thankyou for your comment Mrs McNeil. It has sparked quite a lot of conversation in our class. We decided to have a debate about the issue of using more wind energy. We will report the outcome on the blog.

  9. Hi Primary 5, Heather’s mum here. I like your information on Electricity – very interesting. I think Scotland should use more wind energy now, we certainly get enough wind here.

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