Abbys Mum

I have been looking at all the stories on the P5 blog and have to say that they are brilliant and very informative – great descriptions.  There is a varied choice of what to look at and you can tell alot of effort has been put in by the teachers  and the whole class.

Keep up the good work!!!

By Joanne Maxwell

One thought on “Abbys Mum”

  1. Hi Mrs Maxwell

    Thanks so much for your speedy response!!!!

    I am pleased to see that instead of just commenting Abby has actually created you your very own post!! Well done Abby. 😀

    I am glad that you find the blog informative. You also comment on the effort that is being put in and you are completely right, it is a whole class effort to keep our blog up and running.

    If you have any suggestions about things you would like to see more of on the blog, please let us know and we will try to incorporate them in the future.

    Thanks again for your response. 😀

    Miss Docherty

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