Help Abby to name her new hen.

Hello Everyone
One of the pupils in primary five needs your help. She has been given the responsibility of naming one of her Papa’s hens. The class came up with lots of ideas and we have narrowed this down to the top five.
We need your help to decide on the final name.
These are the top five names –
Miss McNugget

What will her name be?????

Leave a comment to tell us what you think she should name her hen.
Miss Docherty and Primary Five.

23 thoughts on “Help Abby to name her new hen.”

  1. Hello Abby and Primary 5
    We think that your hen should be called –
    Miss McNugget – 1
    Pecky – 1
    Chicksy – 8
    Bonkers – 10
    Henrietta – 1

    Miss Irvine and Primary Four

  2. Dear Brilliant Bloggers,

    I love your blog and discovered it from a comment you left on Mr. Webb’s Room 8 blog! Terrific work! My third grade class and I live in California, and we enjoy learning from others.

    I think this is a beautiful hen! How does Scarlett 0’HENry sound?

    Great work!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Hello there, my name is Mrs Ferrie and I teach Primary 5 in Tannochside Primary School. Abbey you are very lucky to have a hen as a pet, I would be interested in finding out how you look after it. All the names are really great but my favourite has got to be Henrietta. I’ll be logging back in to find out what name you have decided on.

  4. It’s Mr. Clark – Principal Teacher at Tannochside Primary in Viewpark here. I would like to choose Henrietta as the name.

    What ever it ends up being, I hope it suits her!

  5. Hi Lauren and the P7 Updaters
    Thanks so much for your kind comment about our blog. We think your blog is brilliant too. We especially love all of your Robert Burns activities that you have been doing. We will report back on the name of Abby’s hen when it is decided.

    Thanks again
    Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

  6. Hi Miss Docherty,
    I am Lauren from the P7 updaters and i would like to say i love your blog, its so cool and its our pleasure to have took part in naming Abbys hen! Good Luck

    Lauren and The P7 Updaters

  7. Hi Ryan and the P7 Updaters
    Thanks for taking part in our vote, we will let you know what name comes out on top.

    Abby and The Brilliant Bloggers

  8. We have had a class vote and we think the hen should be called Miss McNugget. Seventeen out of 27 people voted for Miss McNugget. Good luck in naming the hen!

    Ryan and the P7 Updaters

  9. Hi Abby
    we think you should call your hen
    Henrietta – Bobbi
    Miss McNugget – Jenifer
    Chicksy – Ross

  10. Hi Abby I think it should be called Miss McNugget because it is quite gold and a nugget is goldish.

  11. I think that all of the names the class came up with are really suitable for a hen. I think my favourite is…


    Miss Docherty

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