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Special request

Miss Docherty, ask the children if any of them have a tartan bonnet at home or any wigs for the pantomime. Also could you send me a blog with information about how to open Kilbowie’s got talent. It opens with a question mark and I can’t play the video.
Mrs O’Hanlon

SnowWhite and the 7 Dudes

Miss Docherty and P.5. At some point this week could some children go around the school and remind all classes that the pantomime is on Thursday the 2nd of June at 2pm. Also could the children remind all teachers that the pantomime is just for the pupils and only cast members parents will be invited. This message was not delivered clearly enough first time around.
Thankyou for you assistance in this matter Primary 5.
Mrs O’Hanlon

Primary 5 – Week with Mrs O’Hanlon

Hi boys and girls, I hope you all enjoyed your week in class with me, I know I certainly did. It was great to have the opportunity to work with you for 5 consecutive days. You all produced fantastic writing in Story Writing and Novel Studies. In particular I thought your Mascot, collage work was fabulous. Keep up the good work and the next time I’m back in class I will expect you to have learned so much more about the I.C.G. topic. I will be checking to see.
Mrs O’Hanlon

A week with Mrs O’Hanlon

We are having fun with Mrs O’Hanlon because our main teacher Miss Docherty has been away to Kilbowie for a week. So we have had our other teacher all week Mrs O’Hanlon. We have done lots of work and we have learned lots about the topic international childrens  games. We also have been doing a topic called Proud  to be me and it is about how people make babies and make love.Mrs Docherty is coming back today and we also miss her lots.

Chloe F And Kim

All good in the hood

Primary 5 have been working really hard this week and I think they’ve missed you. We’ve done lots of writing and our little fingers are sore but we’ve learned a lot. The class are very enthusiastic about their new topic and this is very encouraging, they are carrying out their own research at home too. Many children have created their own version of the I.C.G. logo/motif, fantastic creations. At the swimming all children were dried and ready for the vending machine in under a minute, thought this was funny. All children got a treat, they told me, it’s normally the first 5 ready, but they were like lightning after I told them they could all get one. See you when you return to Chapelside.