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Kilbowie Adventures – Day 2 – pm Skiing – Group 11

Well Primary 5

My Kilbowie adventures are continuing and today I have been on a gorge walk, a rope adventure and skiing. Before I came to Kilbowie I was most looking forwards to doing the Skiing.

I have to tell you primary 5, Miss Docherty is NOT a natural on the ski slopes, but I gave it my best and had so much fun doing it. I was a bit of a danger to others on the slopes because I couldn’t do any turns and I couldn’t stop.!!!!

After knocking a few children over I decided that I was a bit dangerous on skis. Lots of people were relieved when I took my skis off!!

On a Slippery Slope
One Ski Wonders

The Rope adventure was great fun. Here’s a few pictures!!

Helmet Heads
We're not tyred!!
Terrific Team.

I will blog again soon P5. Missing you lots and lots. Thanks for your comments and posts so far!!!!!

Miss D