Reviewing Poetry from WAB

We have been reading the 5M Poetry Anthology . Their school in in Beijing in China!

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Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

27 thoughts on “Reviewing Poetry from WAB”

  1. I am Jeremy’s friend, I think the way you guys reviewed on his poetry is very good because it was a very descriptive and detailed review. I think if you keep reviewing things like this, the people will be very happy with this.

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing our poems 🙏 I really enjoyed the format that you layed out your review 🙂🙂good job guys I loved reading your reviews !!!

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for your wonderful comments, I hope you liked our poems, especially mine! I hope some time we can read some poems you guys wrote!

    Best Regards,
    Lily Z. 5M

  4. Thanks to Zara, Alana, Rhea, Aaron (and a anonymous person) for reviewing my poems. Thank you for your reviews. Maybe I could read some of your poems one day

  5. I really like the way how all of you reflected by making a poster with different shapes of animals on it.😄

  6. Thanks for reading our poems I really appreciate that you have read them.
    If you have wrote some poems like us 5M I would like to read your poems.

  7. Thank you for reading our poems I hope I could read some of yours that you have maybe crated if you have made some you should post them so we can read them. I hope you liked our poems and I really appreciate you reading them your reviews were the best and thank you for reviewing them

  8. Dear Banton Primary students,
    Thank you all for the kind words, all of the 5M students really love it when you said such kind words to us. We all would love to see your poems if you have any that you would like to share.

  9. Hello,
    Thank you for Reading our Poems, I hope that you liked our Pomes.
    I hope we can see yours next time!

    Isabelle ^_^

  10. I liked how you wrote the comments for the Unicorn poem from Isabel. C. You also wrote about what you liked about the poems and how you felt about it. Thanks for writing those wonderful comments! 😃

  11. For fat bird: I really liked this poem because, it Rhymes in every sentence, which makes you very joyful when you read it.

  12. Cool! I like your comment! Actually, it is a funny poem. The comment was cool. I will improve my poem later, hope you enjoy it again.

  13. For The Fat Bird (Reviewed by Alana):
    I agree, the idea of having the bird drinking a cup of tea was nice. Oh, that bird is DEFINITELY going to get that tea. Expect it to be gone by tomorrow! Fun idea!

  14. Thank you Aaliyah for writing a comment on my poem (Donkado). I just really wish that I shouldn’t have miss type the word because it’s suppose to be DONKEY + Avocado but I don’t know why I typed Horse… ANYWAYS, I still appreciate that you comment me for this poem. I look forward to see your “SCRANIMAL” poem! 😀

  15. Hi Jack! I liked how you commented on my poetry. Especially how you broke it apart and found the adjectives, verbs. Plus you also wrote a short summary and a short comment. Thank you for writing a comment for me!😁🦄 Go unicorns!🦄

  16. Thank you for reviewing my poem! I’m glad that the message that I wanted to portray came across. With this poem, I wanted to remind people about all the big issues in the world using strong language. The strong language was supposed enhance the and emphasize the message. Thanks again!

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