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Happy World Autism Day

Many of the pupils who attend Haysholm are diagnosed with Autism.  The Coronavirus situation is very challenging due to the massive change in routine that it has caused.  If you can create some sense of routine and structure and home, this will help tremendously. Use of visuals will help your child know and understand what is expected of them.

There are some excellent resources on our website in the ‘For Parents’ section that you can use to help support understanding and predictability including the school closure kit.    If you would like a hard copy of this or any other visuals for home, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can deliver.

Meantime, let’s celebrate the skills, talents, unique abilities that our pupils do have … every single one of them brings a smile to our faces.

Happy World Autism Day

Online activities

This is a site we use in Arran and Bute Class quite often. The company have offered a free subscription for 90 days if anyone is interested. It has games which can be controlled by touch/ switch/ mouse, cause and effect activities, stories and creative games (art/ music/etc).

Copy the link at the bottom into the address bar and the voucher code is Games100.

If anyone would like to use this and needs any support, please e-mail me

Diane 🙂


Hi Everyone,

Here is  a link from TacPac that offers parents set 5 of Tacpac free of charge for 3 months to use at home. Thought this would be useful for some of our children who enjoy Tacpac sessions at school. They are also compiling a series of short training videos on Facebook to help everyone get started and to get the best out of the sessions.  Parents should click the link below and at checkout add the code 8Q7A3TXS. Once done direct parents to to watch the short video.

Tacpac draws together touch and music to create a structured session of sensory communication between two people

Hope this is helpful 😊

Good Morning Kingsley, Stuart, Kai, Landon and Graham

Hope you and your families are all well.

As we would be stopping for our Easter holidays this week i thought we would do some Easter activities… but first

Did you make rainbow pictures and put them in your window? (if so can you send me a photo)

Can you sit a teddy bear at your window ( so when people are out having a walk they can pretend they’re going on a bear hunt) (send a photo if you can)

How did you get on with tasks last week?  did you manage to make your snack/ breakfast?) if so send a photo

this week…..

Home economics – boil an egg

Art – decorate the egg

Fit 15 – when out your daily walk find a hill/ slope and roll it down (dont forget your photo)

HWB – Being kind to others

Art – make an Easter card and post it through a neighbours door

Mrs Bennett xxx

Social Story

Coronavirus social story

Now that your child has had time to process that they are out of their routine and no longer at school for the moment.  Here is a simple social story that you can share with them.  Most  of our children and young people are familiar with Boardmaker symbols and this is the symbol system that we will be using in our new school.

You can use the story along with the calendars that you were sent home.  Marking off the calendar each day with a X is a helpful way of learners being able to identify what day of the week it is.

Remember you can email your child’s teacher for any support or advice during these challenging times.