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Make a daisy chain

Good morning Jura class I hope you and your families are all doing ok. Today the ladies in Jura class thought it would be a nice idea to get outside and do an activity. We would like you to try and make a daisy chain.Take a look at the video below and see what the ladies have made. If you would like to do this activity please post your pictures so that we can see them, have a good day.

Home economics

Good Morning Jura Class

It looks like it’s going to be another lovely day today. The ladies in Jura class thought it would be a good idea if we practiced what we learned in home economics to make a sandwich. Once you’ve done that why don’t you take it outside and have a picnic. If you get a chance to do the activity please send us some pictures. Take care and stay safe.

Jura Class – Time Capsule

Good morning Jura Class!  I hope you are all well.  To mark this historic time we are currently living through, I thought it would be a nice idea to make a time capsule.  I thought we could make it rainbow themed so I have attached a list of what you should try to find around your house to put in your time capsule .  I also thought it would be nice for you to draw or colour a picture of a rainbow to put in it too.   Have fun boys and remember to post us your pics 🙂

Sunflower challenge

Hello everyone,

If you have checked our new school Twitter account, all of your sunflowers have grown and they are planted in the Love Hall Garden so everyone can enjoy them! Mrs. Rose has a challenge for all of you:

  • draw your own picture
  • write your name on it
  • take a photograph
  • send it to your teachers or post it on twitter page.

You can use any colour you want, any tools or materials. You only need your imagination and creativity and your picture will be the best! Don’t forget to add your name. Your sunflower will have their own picture, your own name and you can see how fast it grows. 🙂

right click and select copy

right click and select copy

Have a lovely day,


Jura Class PJ Day Activity

Good morning Jura Class!  As we are all having a pyjama day I thought it would be a nice idea for you all to build a den.  Check out our video on twitter of the Jura Class ladies having fun in their dens.  I have attached a link with loads of ideas for you to have fun in your dens too.  Please remember to post your photos and have fun!! 😀