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Health Week Monday

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I know today the weather is not that great but it’s the last week and then it’s Summer Break! 🙂

As you know this week is Health Week! Today is Monday and Skye class has organised a Yoga activity.

I hope you all like it! Have a lovely day!




Good morning Jura class

A nice activity to try is to feel the grass and the mud with your bare feet.

right click and select copy

You can choose to do this on a sunny day or a rainy day or you could try both days 🙂

right click and select copy

Can’t wait to see your pictures of you feeling the grass and mud with your feet. Can you tell me how you felt the grass and mud was? Here is a little video of me feeling the grass and mud. Hope you have a good day.

50 Things – Making a bug home

Good Morning Jura Class :),

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Before school stopped we were working on our bug home for 50 Things and I thought it would be fun to continue this at home.

At school we used half a plastic bottle to fill for our bug home but you can use whatever items you have at home. There’s a lot of items that can be found in the garden that the bugs would love for their home.

This is a worksheet you could use or you could use a piece of paper or pictures to record what bugs you have found in your bug home. I cant wait to hear what bugs you have found.

Here is a wonderful video of Mrs Millar making her bug home that you might like to watch.

Innocent Big Grow Resource Pack.


Hi everyone,

Still time to get planting in pots or garden plots. Lots of easy to tend vegetables and herbs to plant in March and April.  The link below is for the Innocent Big Grow Resource and includes information of what to plant and how.  There are some simple recipes even if you want to skip the growing it yourself bit.  There are some ideas for Art activities too.  Click the link below.

Innocent BigGrow

innocent big grow



The Blair

Learners & staff were invited along to the Blair  this morning to receive a cheque for £700. This will go along way to our Mini Bus Fndraising efforts! The money was raised through The Blair running Christmas shopping afternoons!

All learners & staff enjoyed refreshments & biscuits before the handing over of the cheque!

All at Haysholm thank The Blair for their continued support.

All good things must come to an end!


Day 5, and it was time to say goodbye to Arran and all the wonderful staff at the Arran Outdoor Centre. Before setting sail for home, the adventurers had one final stroll through Brodick and were very pleased to find the chocolate shop!!!!! We then boarded the ferry and waved a final farewell to Arran. Time now to recharge the batteries before back to school on Monday.