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Rainbow Song

Good Morning Lewis class, If we were at school right now we would be practicing for our Prize-giving,  so do you remember a while ago, the ladies sang you all a song? The Rainbow song, today the ladies would like you to look at the video again.

rainbow song

So today instead of just watching the video we would like to you to practice singing , dancing or even signing along with the ladies. If you are dancing you could maybe look for some colored things about the house to wave. Whatever way you choose to join in with us remember to have fun. If you want to show us your performance that would be super.

Have a great day, staying home and staying safe.

Be Kind

Good Morning Lewis Class, Happy Friday

The ladies have something special to ask of you today, this week has been Mental Health Awareness week and lots of people have been talking about being kind. We all know how kind everyone in Lewis Class is, so we suggest you do something kind for you family today.

Below is a few ideas, but you may have one of your very own. Whatever you do enjoy!

Have a great weekend & remember the ladies love seeing all your picture so please share.

be kind



Good Morning Lewis Class

Good morning Lewis Class,

Today we have a story to listen to and sign along to, the story is called ” I am bat.”

You may remember this story we listened and signed along to it in Literacy week, we also tried some fruit to go along with the story.  Do you remember?

Have a nice day everyone.


story learning intention

i am bat power point with sound