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Penultimate Arran Post!


Day 4 on Arran started with the adventurers donning their wetsuits again as we canoed from Lamlash pier back to the outdoor centre. PL and DL showed off their paddling skills as we explored Lamlash Bay, taking in the beautiful scenery and being greeted up close by a couple of common seals.

After lunch we enjoyed a bus journey around the island. Among the sites we saw woodcarvings and a Viking longboat in Corrie, PL was thrown in jail at Lochranza castle and saw cormorants drying their wings in Machrie bay.

After dinner we headed down to the beach where we built a fire, toasted marshmallows and walked along the stones where we saw a family of swans.

Another busy and enjoyable day.




PL DL in Lochranza Castke jail

Common Seal following our Canoe

Waste Week

Skye class made Maracas from used plastic bottles. This tied in with their Lion King Topic. They then played along to the music.




As part of waste week Skye class started a long term project for the Sensory Garden. We have already begun  collecting bottle tops in the school, but as you can see from the photographs we will need loads more, apart from green 🙂




Arran Class

During ‘ Waste Week’ Arran class have been up cycling using a variety of materials. Darren made a collage of a bus  using  coloured paper and plastic bottle tops. During art at Irvine Royal Academy Gary, Charlie and Joe are in the process of making pictures of the country side with bits of wool and scraps of fleece.

We celebrated ‘World Book Day’  by each pupil choosing their favourite  book from Bourtreehill library. We brought them back to school and took time to explore and listen to our own book and  friends books.